Everything About "Water Of Life" - Whiskey | For Home Decor

Whiskey is the one alcoholic drink that is common across the world. While men and women equally enjoy it, it still is portrayed as a man’s drink. Why do men drink whiskey? What’s the fancy of getting collector’s edition bottles or being gifted a set of whiskey tumblers?

Let’s take a look. 

Advertisements play a significant role in why men believe whiskey is a man’s drink. For many decades, whiskey ads have had gentlemanly celebrities or aristocrats with a glass in hand and maybe a whiskey decanter set on the table, enjoying the drink and thus, inspiring others to drink whiskey and be like them.  

Variety of flavor:
Whiskey is made by distilling the spirit after fermenting grains like barley, corn, wheat, or rye. Every whiskey has a distinct flavor, affected by its age, the cask, the region it comes from, the blend, and even the material of whiskey tumblers used for drinking (e.g. glass, wood, metal, etc.).  

Coming-of-age drink:
Whiskey is believed to be the drink that represents maturity and the drink to celebrate a young adult becoming a gentleman. When it’s time to swap a beer bottle for a whiskey glass, crystal is preferred for many among the younger crowd.  

Aside from just drinking their usual brands of whiskey, men like trying out limited edition whiskeys aged for a certain number of years, finding collector’s edition whiskey glasses and other accessories. If you want to own a whiskey decanter set, Decor Home has plenty of exquisite ones - check out

These are just a few reasons why men drink whiskey.