5 Home Décor Ideas to Give Your Abode a Refreshing Makeover

The onset of Covid-19 has changed our lives. The most significant change that has come into our lives is that we now spend most of our time at home.


Since working from home has become the new norm, it is also essential to keep the energy of the place high and flowing. A refreshing home makeover can help. But, you do not need to spend thousands of bucks on it.
Here are five ideas for home décor to give your abode a refreshing makeover without breaking the bank:


1. Use fresh and happy colours - Do not underestimate the strength of comfortable and refreshing colours, such as yellow, lavender, and peach – they can make your room glow with happiness and positivity. Splash some soothing hues to let the good energy flowing.

2. Decorate your walls – The empty walls are filled with possibilities, and just a few additions can make a house feel like a home. Turn those bare walls into gorgeous centerpieces with wall decals such as paintings, macrame wall hangings, canvas prints, wall stickers etc.

3. Replace everyday room items –Your home makeover can be as simple as replacing some old-fashioned vases, curtains, mirrors, wall clocks, tableware etc., with the ones who bring out your personality and taste.


4. Make space for a good rug – There is something about rugs that gives a regal and classy look to a room. So, don’t think twice before covering the floor with a good quality rug or carpet.


5. Get an indoor plant – Bringing some greenery or floral scents inside your house is the latest home décor trend, and you must give it a try. An indoor plant, even a faux plant, can change the vibe of a room for all good reasons. Another simple makeover is to have beautiful flowers in the vase!

Use these affordable home decor ideas to lift your abode with positive energy! Browse www.decorhome.com.au for more inspiration.